Video Reel 2013

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A compilation of videos I wrote, directed, and produced.

In order of appearance:
Bread Bull “Axis” — Blitz the Seahawk rides the Red Bull Heli — WHAMCO Northwest Profiles “Monorail Rider” — MicrosFit — Phoenix Jones — RN-74 Redubbed — Ryan & Lucy Engagement Story — “Party in the USA” Music Video Parody — Rainn Wilson’s Mona Foundation Fundraiser (event recap) — How to Donate to WalkMS — Agency, Melinda Gates (event recap) — Hartz Pet Owner Series — Jackson Rathbone interview, Paramount Pictures — “Wild Wild West” Music Video Parody — Parallels PD7 Features — CrossFit St. Patrick’s Day Workout — “Somebody that I used to Know” Music Video Parody — WHAMCO Northwest Profiles “I’ll have the Pad Thai Guy” — inBios Impact of Foreign Relations — EZ Grill Valentine’s Day “Steakjob” — Milkbone Spoof — 80s Dating Videos –“Welcome to Miami” Music Video Parody — Red Bull Flugtag, Microsoft Project Phoenix (team documentary) — WHAMCO Northwest Profiles — *Expert Zone TV (writer, did not dir/prod) 1:03 — Freefly Systems MoVI MR/M10 Update — MicrosFit — Rainn Wilson and Friends